Cardiac Surgery


Genesee retractor

Multipurpose Retractor for valve repair, valve replacement and on or off-pump coronary artery procedures.

Innovative Design

・Unique rack design opens with a gently curved radius, optimizing exposure with minimal trauma to the chest and ribcage
・Anatomic curved shape distributes opening pressure equally on the sternum
・Pivoting blades equalize pressure points across the sternum
・Suitable for adult patients from 45-90 kg

Versatile System

・Unique ball clamps, H bar mounting rods and pillar clamps provide fast set up
・Interchangeable rakes provide excellent exposure and ease of use
・Changeable blades allow adjustment for individual patient anatomy

Minimally Invasive Approaches

・Curved rack with hinged arms hug patient’s body unobtrusively
・Deep or standard minimally invasive blades


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