ORTHO P.A.S. is a system consisting of a disposable kit and a multipurpose micro aspiration unit, VACUUM GENERATOR.

The VACUUM GENERATOR allows maintaining aspiration within values selected and set by the operator. The vacuum oscillation, i.e. alternating between high and low vacuums, facilitates haemostasis of the wound without the risk of formation of haematomas.

The ORTHO P.A.S. device was conceived to allow direct reinfusion of the recovered blood by means of the closed-circuit technique.

Thanks to a sterilizing membrane, both entry of non-sterile air in the recovery circuit and contamination of the non-disposable components are prevented, caused by the possible presence of viral and/or bacterial agents in the aspirated blood.

During recovery, only briefly suspending aspiration but without disconnecting the device, the blood recovered can be translated from the reservoir to the reinfusion bag and from here be reinfused with the filter for microaggregates, GOCCIA. Thus there is a closed circuit between the aspiration system and the reinfusion system, which allows reinfusing the blood simultaneously with its recovery, furnishing a high guarantee against contamination risks caused by repeated connections and disconnections.